Buying Guide for Sofa Beds

Every home should have sofa beds, especially  for people who live in tiny homes with not enough space to put furniture. In this modern day, many people don’t think about starting a family as soon as they get a job. As a result, they don’t feel the need to have a big house that has enough rooms for parents and children. Sometimes their houses are even so tiny that there’s no space to place a sofa and a bed. To overcome this problem, some manufacturers combine two pieces of important furniture: a sofa and a bed that are good doing both their functions. It is called sofa bed.


A sofa bed is a reliable furniture with flexible functions. During the day, it can be a comfortable couch for watching TV. During the night, we can use it as  a comfortable bed. In the past, sofa beds might not be comfortable enough for these double functions. However, today, manufacturers create sofa beds. How do we find the best sofa beds for us? Here are some tips.

Think about how often we will use it

Don’t only think about how much you will sleep on the mattress, but also how often you will use it as the sofa. Where will we put it? Will it be the main living room sofa? If we use it on a daily basis, we need to buy the ones strong enough to bear all the wear and tear.

If you want to own stylish couches, don’t compromise with sofa mattresses.  There are slimmer mattresses that are good for occasional use. There are also mattresses with more thickness made of sprung or memory foam which is more durable.

Think about the available space

This is an important thing to do. Since people who buy sofa beds mostly do it because there is a limitation of space in their homes, it is important to measure the available space and estimate how a sofa bed will occupy the room. I always check the width when it’s fully opened out.

Besides, I will always remember to make sure that the sofa beds can enter the house. Some doorways and stairwells are narrow. So it is important to get all measurement.


The Ultimate Guidelines in Cleaning Leather Sofa with Vinegar

Once you have a leather sofa it is something common when you don’t want to ruin it with never clean it in a proper way. Well, it is true when you have a beautiful sofa with the leather material you need to more pay attention to keeping them in a shiny condition. It is not surprising that the best sleeper sofa types are made of leather. Black leather sectional sofa are the favorite of many. Keeping them in a clean and shiny appearance will need such attentions even though we can do it in such a simple way.

Actually, there are some simple steps you can take in cleaning your leather sofa. What you need to always remember is that this is a leather material which means you can’t do something random when you clean it. However, you don’t need to worry because it is actually such simple things to do to clean your leather sofa.leather-sofa-cleaning

How to clean your leather sofa and make it shine again

Let’s admit that when we have a leather sofa we will be a very happy person because we can keep something luxurious and give the best arrangement for our living room. So when it comes in a serious thing you also need to take it serious in cleaning the sofa. You can’t let them buried in the deep dust and ruin the expensive price you must pay, right?

So that’s why keeping them in a shiny and clean condition is something must. So here we are to give you 5 simple steps in cleaning your leather sofa.

  1. Vacuum clean your leather sofa first

Make sure you suck all of the annoying dust off the leather sofa with the vacuum cleaning first. Do it with the soft brush attachment so you won’t do any harm for the leather material.

  1. Prepare the effective liquid made from vinegar

You can definitely choose the white vinegar mix with the water to make it as the cleaning liquid for your leather sofa. It will clean all the dirt on the leather perfectly.

  1. Dip the soft cloth into the liquid

After you dip the cloth into the liquid then squeeze it so the cloth is not in the complete wet condition.

  1. Wipe all the leather part

Then you can wipe the entire leather part with that cloth.

  1. Dry it with the towel

Last but not least you can dry it out with the towel. Make sure you don’t wear a hair dryer because it will only damage your leather material.

So the point is you don’t need to pay for such a high price just for cleaning your leather sofa. All you have to do is just using all the equipment in your house and clean it easily in your leisure time. So happy cleaning your leather sofa everyone!